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the bit about us ...

“Pare down to the essence, but don't remove the poetry.” 
― Leonard Koren, Wabi-Sabi: For Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers

94' saw the birth of the new company on the block, Hebel Innovations.

Our company began some 20+ years ago as a small seed - working with (at the time) a niche market product - we worked hard on building strong foundations through our beliefs that there is a simple, elegant and wabi sabi nature to our products and the building industry at large. With passion and a real love for our products, we carved a space for ourselves with high quality hand built craftsmanship, intelligent business processes and strong relationships.

We have nurtured and stoked the fire in the industry with the primary use of Hebel (AAC), contributing and creating warm, safe and beautiful homes with a positive environmental impact.


We love what we do.

We believe in our products.

You can find us throughout Queensland, building futures for generations to come.

Please get in touch below for info on our supply and install services and how we can work together.

So, what is Hebel?

We're glad you asked!

Little bubbles, big character, good bones and a soft nature ~introducing Hebel.

You may have seen our white blocks and panels being installed on site - or carved into beautiful sculptures at your local market by the many artisans who choose Hebel as their medium of choice (and we don't blame them!).

Hebel is a type of AAC // Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, which is made right here in Australia with Australian sourced local materials by CSR Hebel. The ingredients and the development process gives these blocks and panels a lightweight structure with thousands of tiny air bubbles, akin to our fav choccy, the aero bar! Our larger panels house reinforcements by way of steel mesh, which enables continued strength integrity - it's perfect for building.

As well as being stylish to look at, Hebel also provides:

- comfortable insulation and energy efficiency

- noise reduction acoustics

- termite free foundations for your home

- fire resistance

- quick and precise installation times

- quality through it's production, Hebel is 100% Australian made by CSR with Australian local raw materials

- a positive environmental impact

The wide range of products available encourages creativity and individuality, whether you're building a home, a letter box, a commercial hub or a beautiful sculpture - and we think, it's pretty special.


16 Runway Dr, Marcoola Q 464


07 5448 9948

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